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Do you drink a little bit every now and then?

I'm just wondering... if you drink a little bit every now and then...
I drink a little bit and it makes everything so wonderful. It also give me creative ideas or
it makes things easier. The bottles of white wine I have are 80 cl which means:
divided by 3, which is what I drink in one go, is about 266 dl . The vol is generally 12 %

For example tonight I've had that and it feels great :)

I had to do some work round the house and it was better then many other substances that
I don't want to mention even though they are legal... the fact that they are legal doesn't
necessarily mean they are ok ...
Haha, When I used to be freelance my best time was the evening and late night jobs. Something decent on the radio, a pint of larger and no interruptions because my clients had clocked off for the day.

Sean Lee-Amies

Yes, designing whilst under the influence is something I do from time to time. A glass of wine or two perhaps, not too much more!

Maybe we need to start the DF AA group, especially for Scotty!


Active Member
Its strictly Crystal Meth for me, I also sit around in my boxers and eat quavers all day whilst pondering my thoughts.
I do the large majority of my work whilst intoxicated. I just find it easier and more bearable.

I don't really enjoy my job as much as other designers so it helps get me through it.

Sean Lee-Amies

Usually, before I go to bed I will pour myself an extra drink, so that it's ready and waiting for me when I wake up and start my long day of work.

Sean Lee-Amies

So what you really meant was that you woke up in a moat. Do you not have a standing agreement with your local taxi company? This happens on such a regular basis now that it's cheaper for me to set up a monthly payment plan, and they just come pick me up and deliver me back home to my bed.
Just keeping this great thread going.... but on a slightly different angle of environmental influences - Music!

I had to do a logo design and put together a business card for a mate's shop. He sells Club, stage and club equipment, sound and lighting etc.

I set up an experiment and worked through various concept sheets listening to different types of housey, cluby, dancy music. By the time I got to the Prodigy the designs were just mental :D and all went in the bin.

I think the winning combination was conceived with Roni Size.
Levi said:
what.... you really like your random threads don't you
Hi Levi! Why are you puzzled about my threads... :)
maybe it's because they aren't very much about design (???)
but explain please...

Sean Lee-Amies said:
Usually, before I go to bed I will pour myself an extra drink, so that it's ready and waiting for me when I wake up and start my long day of work.
Hi Sean. Have you tried having an espresso instead. It's great because it makes the day so different from the night... I have a huge latte, but that's personal as not everyone likes milk. The important thing is that the espresso is done with ground coffee and proper machine, because it's more "shocking" than granules

@ all
I'm happy that you drink a bit too :)
yep, it really is creative. Then the ideas and the mood remain even when I don't drink at all.

@ scotty
... but if it is too much it doesn't give you the same kick...

Sean Lee-Amies

Oh I don't drink coffee, besides, without all that alcohol I'd never have the courage to wander around late at night, searching for inspiration through other staggering drunkards. Music an d alcohol, now there's a combination!

I find I get bored of music very easily when designing.. I have to keep finding new playlists on Spotify.


Junior Member
I don't really drink that much at home. I like the idea of finishing on a Friday and having a whisky and a cigar, like in Boston Legal:

but I can't achieve the same effect sitting in the back garden with my dog jumping on me

@Sean you don't drink coffee?!

(also, i really should get a profile pic. i don't like being a mysterious silhouette)