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Do you do Podcasts sir?

I listen to podcasts, lots of podcasts...in the car, at the shops, cooking the dinner....
lots of podcasts. So I was thinking, do are other forum users need a podcast fix or is it just me?

I like ...British Mac, The Dan Carlin talk shows, Digital Planet, Simply Syndicated...Movies you should see, Definative Word, Bollocks, Star Base 66, Hollywood Saloon, Apple quick tips, Military History, Trek Cast, Staggering Stories, Stephen Fry, Stuff TV, Mark Kermode, Danny Baker and a few more to boot.

So what if any are you favs?
Do you dooo it?:D


Senior Member
Yep love podcasts. I tend to listen to them while working more than music because it's easier to tune in and out. A few of my favs:
- Collings and Herrin
- Danny Baker (shame they stopped the adbs)
- Adam & Joe
- Simon Mayo (film & Book reviews)
- Fighting Talk
- Friday night comedy (radio 2)
- Jon Richardson
- Used to like the russell brand one too.
- Frank Skinner
- Dave Gorman
- Geoff Lloyd
- Perfect Ten with Phill & Phil


Junior Member
My Top 10.. ripped from my blog :)

1. TWiT
This Week in Tech, a bunch of tech and computer related geeky news bunched together by some interesting people.

2. Buddhist geeks
A break from listening to technical gubbins and and a slam dunk back to reality

3. Creative Xpert
Great web design podcast from a couple of humorous guys who tell it how it is

4. Boagworld
A great web design podcast full of good info but by a slightly egotistic guy

5. Stuff.TV
A great short video burst of the latest gadgets to hit the market from stuff magazine

6. The Guardian : Tech Weekly
The guardian produce excellent podcasts in general, this one tech related

7. The Guardian : Science Weekly
The guardian produce excellent podcasts in general, this one science related

8. Phil n Phil
A very funny podcast

9. GeekBrief TV
A video based geek and techno gadget podcast with crazy but attractive presenter

10. Web Design TV
This is a new video podcast from .net magazine, give it time.


I only listen to a few .. I listen to ones from Eddie Izzard, Stephen Fry, Radio 4 comedy and ones on the environment :)

Never really wanted to listen to ones about IT or Design.. :)


Active Member
Used to listen to all the Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington ones, amazing!
Will have to check out a few of those that have been recommended here :)


Senior Member
Trek Casts sounds like my sort of thing!!!

However, Danny Wallace, Kevin Smith and a few other comedians are on my list.


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I download a handful of podcasts:

Best of YouTube (iPod video) - Sometimes throws up some truly inspired videos, especially recently the Soda Pop Store, and the Movie Clip Mashup Music Video. "We came, we saw, we kicked it's ass!"

Dog Judo - Dogs talking about judo, among other things. Who doesn't like dogs and judo?

GameTrailers.com: Invisible Walls - Normally about 30mins of around 4 professional video game nerds / editors / PR people etc voicing their opinions on the last week's happenings in the games industry, the games themselves and what goes on behind the closed doors of developers and publishers.

GameTrailers.com: Video Reviews - Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Sometimes I listen to the 8 out of 10 Cats podcast too, though I don't advise doing so while on public transport.