Diversity in (monochrome) illustrations


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Hello everyone,
I'm recently planning to make an info comic about nonviolent resistance. I actually planned to do it in black and white like in Persepolis from Marjane Satrapi for example. Or at least monochrome... but definitely not colored. Now my question: Do you have any ideas or inspirations for me how I can draw people of color in this style? I think if I use only black and white it will be quite hard, because I feel like neither coloring the skin of PoC black nor leaving them white is a good solution...
Would be very happy about any ideas on the topic.


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look at how noir comics do theirs. From what I can tell it's basically more to do with facial structure than colour as most of them are white faces even if they're a black person for example.


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Yes, always a tricky one this, made worse if you're not using colour. Depends what style of illustration and detail you're going for, but it's usually just a matter of
making the noses slightly wider and the lips a bit fuller, curly black hair of course. All done subtly of course. I don't think you can get away without using some tint of black
for them and keeping the white people white of course. If we're talking Asian people, that's another matter! Just do a bit of research of graphic and comic novels and see
what others have done. Maybe do a few samples and run them by any black friends you know, or post a couple here.