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Greetings to everyone at Design Forums!

I haven't really figured out what was the main reason I joined here, but I'd say it's so I can observe what others are up to in the design industry and hopefully learn more about Graphic & Web Design here.

I've been messing around with XHTML/CSS for a few months or so but I've only decided to take it up more seriously recently. It's been an interesting and mind-blowing experience so far being in the design world - doing *coughSPECcough* work for online contests which I realized is a not-so-good thing to do quite recently - and I'm looking forward to learn more and be much better at it. It's an outstanding community to be in. I'm also a huge Wordpress fan and am looking forward to making wordpress themes in the near future.

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt the design tool of my choice, followed by Adobe Illustrator and Fireworks. Photomanipulation, Photo Retouching, Branding, Business Cards, and a little bit of Print Design would be the aspects I'm better at. Typography is starting to pique my interest as well.

Other than all this design stuff, I'm an animal lover - dogs and marine animals especially, a classical guitarist for over 7 years (I teach sometimes), a licensed undersea diver (I just had to include that), and a scholar. I'm always trying out new things while the opportunities still present themselves.

Well, that's it for now. Hope to know you guys better. ;)
Your thread title's awesome. <3 And nice to meet you. Singapore? I've always wanted to go there...someday, I hope. Traveling is so much fun, and traveling with a decent camera even better.

Your experience sounds quite a bit like mine, except I've never yet gotten my hands on Fireworks and I'm vaguely slightly rather wary of Wordpress theme. ^^

I feel odd saying welcome, because I posted an intro thread just about 72 hours ago, I think, but welcome anyway!


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Hi there Muse! Thanks for the welcome :)

For Wordpress, I'm still in the learning stages - I'm familiar with the basics of it but is still not good enough to make a theme or make complicated things. So yeah, hopefully we can be better at Wordpress.
Welcome to the forums Leventhan! I'm so jealous of you! I always wanted to dive and have tried to scuba dive but my ears just can't take it :(. Enjoy your stay on DF!


Hi Levethan, welcome to the forum :) I work in Wordpress all day every day at the moment :) my companies websites are using Wordpress :) its great fun (and extremely frustrating!!).. Welcome though :)


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Hi Leventhan,

Nice introduction post, good to have you around the forums, and good to see our first member from Singapore! It sounds like you've arrived in the right place, you'll be in good company! *coughNo-Speccough* :)

Looking forward to hearing more from you around DF.
Thanks, Greg