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Dissertation Topic HELP

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by Scott Harker, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Scott Harker

    Scott Harker New Member

    Hi I am trying to come up with a dissertation topic/question for uni. I have to write a 250/500 word introduction prodopsal and then follow up with a 8000 word book.

    I am the creative director of a company called Studio 18 based in Newcastle.

    I want to base my question of topic on how freelancers vs running your own company?

    If anyone could give me help on maybe coming up with a better question in relation to that argument it would be great. Or anything to do with running your own company at a young age.
  2. Tim Timbo Bullock

    Tim Timbo Bullock New Member

    How do I destroy my life in 60 seconds?

    But no, seriously. I wrote my dissertation last year - being the Company Director at A Glass Half - it gave me a huge step up in writing the paper. Dissertation titles don't have to be questions; more an informative title of what your paper is.. It will depend entirely what arguments for/against freelancers vs running a company is.

    Depending on your bias, you could title it as follows;

    The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Being A Freelancer In The Creative Industries - now this opens up a tonne of speculation as to agency work etc, but it's a solid basis.

    You could go down the witty route "Working For The Man" (the Man a subtle nudge at your clients), or even my first "jokey" suggestion.
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Have you thought about writing the question at the end? So long as you have a rough idea of what you want to answer so you can actually write, you can come up with a topic title that perfectly suits your dissertation.

    I'm not sure what the actual body of the essay would comprise of though? Pros and cons to each side of the coin? How would you make it informative and bring something new to the field with your research?
  4. Scott Harker

    Scott Harker New Member

    I actually like the jokey title of having how to destroy your life in 60 seconds. Not sure if it would pass the check of the ethics though.

    I would love quite a funny playful title. For example as implying a new designer in the field, a mine field as in there are lots of jobs available either freelance or being hired by an agency.

    Since I'm running my own company I would like to discuss the more business type of deal. More towards agency work v freelancers and I want to write my chapters in different sections like time it takes, value of money etc.

    I just need a strong title at the minute, like you said it doesn't have to be a question and I agree.

    Thank you for your help by the way. Beyond helpful and very thankful for if
  5. Scott Harker

    Scott Harker New Member

    The body would compose of talking about the differences of value for money, time it takes freelancing it to or actual company doing it.
    I know a man of which worked freelancing then had a work experience guy with him and he realised he couldn't live without his help on upcoming work and then decided to run a buisness
    So I am going to be very bias and favourite of the running a business side of things and argue that freelancers are become more unused as people much prefer the security of a company dealing with their work and future. So a company would prefer to walk into your studio as opposed to a freelancer who maybe wouldn't have a studio.

    Sorry if I'm rambling on. Lack of sleep will do that :D

    But yeah I mean a title aspect would be nice at this point just to base around. I can't quite get the effect I want.

    Really thankful for the help guys.
  6. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    You should be clear on what you mean by a "freelancer". I know you're talking about a single, self-employed designer who works directly with clients, but the term is more commonly used to refer to designers who are hired by other design studios to help out on projects.

    Also, working for yourself through self employment is still running a business, but running a limited company that employs other people obviously has more considerations and responsibilities.

    Whatever you write/argue, be sure to back it up with substantial research that proves or at least reinforces your statement, otherwise you're likely to be marked down, a lot.
  7. Scott Harker

    Scott Harker New Member

    Yeah I absouletly know what you mean and I agree to be honest.
    Maybe I could talk the different responsibilities and considerations between working between the 2
    I really don't know tbh.

    I just want to base my dissertation on running my business. Very bold are to talk about and it's something I would enjoy writing about it too. I know that's a lot to ask for and can branch off to a wide range of questions but do you have any topics in your opinion that I could base it on.
    Sorry I'm not asking you to write my dissertation, I feel like im being very demanding here hah

    I just need some help as this is not my usual thing writing dissertation, it's my first one and Id just like a direction.
    So do you have any ideas on what I could personally write about with my business?

    Thanks very much!

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