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Dissertation Help Please!


Junior Member

I'm studying Design for Digital Media and when I go back I will be in my third year. I need to go back to uni with an idea for my disserttion and I am stuck!
I was thinking of doing something about,
The use of photography in campaign advertising and how it has changed over the years, or Is digital photography changing our concept of beauty?

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or feedback they would be able to give me.
Thank you


Senior Member
I'd say you'd struggle to find documentation and proof to validate the difference between digital and film photography, I have covered some of these ideas in my MA dissertation.

If you are going to do it as a dissertation, you should focus it a bit more, campaign advertising covers a massive area, so perhaps pick a disciple, like cosmetics or sports, narrow it down more. Cosmetics would be easy as there are countless source references. But it won't be a particularly new topic, so you are less likely to get your work published if that is your aim!

If you stick around I can help you loads with this!


Senior Member
Hi Sarah,

An along the same lines of what your thinking could maybe be the evolution of something...or some sort of subject. For example, the evolution of A car, a great one would be the evolution of the Modern Day Formula One Car, it would be a great topic if you could get access to the cars in some way.

I think something like that would be pretty ace!