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Dirty lazy student :D


New Member
Hi all,

My name's John, I'm a mature student on a foundation degree course called Digital Media Arts. I have a broad range of interest within all areas of design, video, photography, music amongst other unrelated things such as old cars and cooking. I've just registered on your forum to selfishly help myself with my college work. I'm not going to lie, I need to get some designers to fill out a very short survey that will contribute towards completing my course work so I'll be posting it over in a relevant section shortly :rolleyes:


Well-Known Member
Welcome mint/John, your honesty and self-depreciating humour is very telling of your "mature" student status! I did a uni course that sounds similar to yours, and in the last 6 months I've been getting right into cooking and made amazing progress, latest triumph being my first try at insanely spicy enchiladas. Roasts are my favourite but the following soups are equally awesome. Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback in your survey.


New Member
Thanks for the warm welcome. I've had a few replies to my survey already so it's looking positive. I'm two years in to my course already and despite being told that if I want to be brilliant at something I need to focus on just that one thing, I am still enjoying the variety too much. Especially when my part time job requires me to be a dab hand at everything too.
Food wise I love mediterranean, chinese and indian foods. I have an LPG vortex wok burner in the back garden which will burn your noodles to a crisp if you leave them still for more that half a second. Spanish tapas is the complete opposite and I love a glass of red whilst spending an hour or so cooking paella and omelette :)