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Digital Skruff, Portfolio of Ralph Saunders


Senior Member
It didn't really occur to me to click on the pink/purple links until after I was about to leave. I think the about section would fill the gap next to your contact form nicely. It's a very bland design so there's not much you can say about it. The kerning on your citation is way too tight though. The submit button is hideous — no seriously, do something about it.

The previews of both those business cards are too blurry. It's even a little difficult to make out the names. For all I know it says Brighter Creations or Feature Fest.
EDIT: Taking a closer look (at your source code) I saw that you had multiple previews for Creative Hoot and Future Fest. I then figured out that clicking the link in the short description presented these additional images. I actually found this very unintuitive since I figured those links would direct me to the client's site — thus I wasn't compelled to click them.

Also, when you double click the arrow — in an attempt to just skip the next piece of work in one fluid motion — the description doesn't match up anymore. Although I'm sure that's not your fault and is barely an issue.



Staff member
the pink ralph saunders at the top has a white background, the website has a beige sort of colour, is that meant to be like that.

Not keen on the arty business card shots either to be honest with you.

I'll agree on the contact us submit button, maybe change it to an image fitting the sites style rather than a button so it's more in keeping.
Thanks guys :) I have addressed a few of the issues and will fix the Future Fest shot later on (lights gone now :().

Not quite sure how to fix the double click issue with the slideshow. Might have to consult the #jQuery irc channel later on tonight.

Thanks again :D.


Senior Member
I like one page websites, and I like the simplicity going on here.

I would agree, arty business card shot needs to go, or you have the actual card visable aswell.
Hi Ralph,

I like it overall. Good work!

I'll have to agree on the arty business card shots though. I also agree with Kevin on the empty gap under 'Contact Details'. I didn't think of clicking your link in the top either, as I thought it was just an email link. So either have the about text there permanently ,as it seems the accordion is just thrown in for the sake of the effect without adding to the user experience, or put it down in the left column instead of contact details?




Active Member
Nice work! that slider with the fading text is VERY cool!

Only thought it your 'mail' button needs work (not very obvious or button like at the mo), also need to make it a pointer on hover - cursor: pointer