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Hello guys

I got a pretty weird task. A big UK company wants me to design a long digital handbook that will sit on their website. We are talking 200 pages of dry text (legal stuff, membership requirements, etc) that they want to make 'fun' and engaging. The idea is something between a whitepaper and a landing page, so you can click through different chapters for an easier UI but each page is going to be loooong blocks of text that they want to make a bit more exciting than a book (images, cool layouts or something).

I basically need to give them a timeframe of how long that would take but apart from 20 page whitepapers, I've never done anything like it. Does anyone have any idea? advice?


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Sure - you could do an interactive InDesign document and then publish it online - they could then embed the link into the site.

This way - if it needs any alterations, you could you make those alterations and replace the entire document. You also get some basic analytics.
Thanks. However it's mainly the timeframe I need to give them that worries me. Any suggestions? I'd rather overestimate rather than underestimate it


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Depends on what they want and how complex the layouts are. If you're used to 20 page documents, then maybe figure out how long it takes to do 20 and multiply it by 10.

If it's straight forward text, I tend to say it's 5 minutes a page.
If it's text, diagram layou then 10 minutes page
If it's text, diagrams/dynamic layouts/headers/footers then 15 minutes page

Infographics @ per hour each
Charts @ per hour each
Tables @ per half hour each