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Digital content worker - what salary?

Not even sure if that is the right job title. Basically one of my clients is asking advice about hiring someone to look after their social media, web content etc of a small annual festival organisation in the the north-west of England.

Any ideas what salary they should be looking for, and how many hours a week they should hire them for.

Sorry to be vague, thanks D


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Probably looking at 8-10hours per week on minimum wage. £2800 p/a +/- a little for deadlines and editing content to suit.

ps. this is a stab in the dark, could be more could be less depending on the exact requirements and the skill level required.


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Hi David,

Think the nearest job title for this type of role is probably Web Content Editor, so probably worth them having a search around to see what's on offer for similar positions.

As for what to look for, a previous track record would be the main thing I guess? Plus knowledge of the industry/sector the organisation works in, if they don't have a direct track record with this specific job then a related position with industry links would be a good thing too.

As for how many hours, would depend on the size of the organisation and how much they want to be working on, I guess if it's a fairly big event then updating the site, a blog, social media, etc would be a full-time position, but probably a bit hit & miss for us to be guessing that?

HTH in some way?!