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Did anyone else get the email from Quark Inc ?



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This made me laugh.


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I know a lot of old school designers continue to use Quark, and still prefer it over InDesign, the old design studio I worked for continued to use both although had plans to phase Quark out in the next few years.
I had some BAD experiences with InDesign back in the day, its postscript handling was shocking and rushed.... I spose I should have given it another chance but really couldnt see what advantage it would give me over Quark


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InDesign is now easily as good (if not better) than Quark and it's workflow integration with illustrator and photoshop give it an advantage, still it's good that there is some competition out there
I moved over to InDesign about 4 years ago and never looked back, it took awhile to get used to the different quick keys etc, but I'll stick with InDesign for until Quark can offer something better.