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DF Spiritual Guru


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You've blown my cover, There are only 3 photos of me in existance, I have 2, someone else has the other. I'll now have to go underground and get a face transplant or dissapear. Thank God I'm not working for the FBI in Venezuala, I'd be hanging from a lampost....
Fun you should say that but I did walk the streets of Moscow in the mid 80's
and I was chased by police in The Berlin Wall's no-man's land.
I also stood at the top of The World Trade Center and though...bit dodgy up here
someone might crash a plane.

been around man.


blimey Typo.. you've travelled... I would say something cheeky in reply, but to be honest its nothing you've probably thought :p :lol:

so from the same vintage as Berry then? :) are you his golfing buddy :p :lol:
I don't do golf. It ruins a perfectly good walk.

Same vintage...well he's more of a fruity Merlot while I'm Guiness.

He's older than me but has a lot more hair! That can't be right.

Good fella though, bit of a Napoleon complex but canny with it.


Napoleon Complex... does that mean he's secretly french and has an arm missing.. oh and is famously short :lol:

Sorry this has totally distracted the thread from what is was all about :p :lol: