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Df abbreviations!


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Just noticed on another thread MAS / Mildly Amusing Smirk

So I thought we should conjure some us for ourselves based on our Forum experience:

YADA - Yet Another Dumb Asshole
TLP - Tim Likes Porn
SABN - Smile And Be Nice
OGNA - Oh God Not Again
IWOST - I Was Once stupid Too
DBT - Design Before Thought
TWA - Train Wreck Ahead
TTTT - Too Tired To Talk
MG - Mr Grumpy
MHJFO - My Head Just Fell Off


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SFBBOL - Straight from Berry's Book of Life
WTH - Where's the hoover?
SA - Spamula Anderson
TNB - The Name's Barry


Staff member
how about
NTANOTE - not taking any notice of the experts
NLAU - not listening as usual
TUASP - Tim's usual Apple sales pitch
APOW - Another pearl of wisdom or if you wanted to extend it
APOWFB - Another pearl of wisdom from Berry
IBNB - It's Berry Not Barry


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WDWNATAITAPIATC - Why Do We Need All These Abbreviations? Is There Any Point In All This Crap?
PS (post scriptum): does an abbreviation have to be one sentence only? :p