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developing a wordpress site


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I assume there is a simple answer to this question....

I'm redesigning someones existing website and I'm going to use wordpress for their new site.

If I was to be doing it with plain HTML and CSS I would just create a subdirectory on their domain, design the site and host it there, then move all files to the root folder when it was ready to go live.

What is the equivalent of doing this for wordpress? I've design for wordpress before but only on new domain registrations so it's never been a problem. I want to design the wordpress site in a subdirectory then move it the root when it goes live...

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks Greg,

Anyways I can prevent the need to go back through and edit any image urls? Or will that only apply to images within a post?


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Yeap like Greg says you can install wordpress in a folder within the root so /new-site then when you're ready to go live you can just:

-change the blog address within wordpress settings,
-move the index.php file and htaccess file into your root folder (leaving all other files where they are) - then just change a couple of lines in index.php

these links should help:
and the blog address within wordpress settings:
Move Your WordPress Files Out of the Root Directory | Digging into WordPress
Giving WordPress Its Own Directory WordPress Codex

The key to remember is when changing the settings in wp admin make sure you leave In the box: for WordPress address (URL): change the address to the new location of your main WordPress core files. Example: http://example.com/wordpress
Site address (URL): change the address to the root directory's URL. Example:
Example Web Page

If something goes wrong you can still fix those settings by going into your db in phpMy Admin