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Devasted, Torn Up and Lost

On Sunday my girlfriend split up with me after 5 years of been together this month. I am really struggling to come to terms with it all and all I can think about is her. Everything I see reminds me of her, I still love her so much and just want her back.

I went back for my clothes last night and tried to speak to her but all she said to me that she wanted to be single for a while and wants to look after herself. Me and her have a great relationship and I am torn apart that this has happend.

As some of you might know I am from the North East and have just completed my degree. Ever since i finished Uni in June everything has been real bad with money. I have credit card debts, Over drafts to payback and have a new laptop to pay for by November. Over the last 4 weeks me and my girlfriend have been looking for place to live in the Newcastle area as she has just started her year placement in Alnwick. This is such a shock to my system as I thought things were well, I now feel lost, I am constantly in tears and I dont know which way to turn. I have no home and all my clothes are in plastic bags. I am sending this message via Starbucks BTOpenZone and have like 5 minutes left. I hope to see you guys soon, I will log on later today.

PS: I am looking for work in Newcastle still as I am now need to find a flat or house share of somesort if anyone knows anywhere?


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Wow, dude. I don't really know what to say other than **** :( The girlfriend thing is a ****er, we've all been there before (except maybe Tim :p (I kid)) but can you not head back to your parents (or any family) 'til you get stuff back on track?
We're all here for you though dude.


dayum Glen .. thats harsh mate :( been there a few times myself :(

Chin up old mate.. I concur with Harry :) we're all here if you need us matey :D


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Many years ago my girlfriend of 7 years broke up just a few weeks before Christmas. On New Years Eve by chance I met an old girfriend from years back at a party. On Valentines Day I proposed and 2 months later we were married. 16 years and two children later, breaking up with that girlfriend was the best thing that ever happened. Life's throws funny curve balls when you least expect it. Everything for a reason Glen.


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Aye. My ex broke up with me because she 'didn't want commitment' and because I was 'too suspicious of her male friend'. Turns out she got with the guy I was unreasonably suspicious about a few months later and is in a very serious relationship with him. I was absolutely gutted, down about it for aaaaages (and I mean ages) but then I met my current (and hopefully permanent) girl and I've honestly never been happier.

Everything works out for the best :)

EDIT: God it's kinda laughable how down I was now I look back at it. Not really thought about it before…
I am back at my grandma's at the moment near Barnard Castle, there is absolutley nothing here for me and I have a lot more visions than Morrisons or Boyes. I just feel so fed up and tired of life becuase this year is just feels like such a waste of time. I feel my final year at University was terrible as I didnt make the effort, I didnt enjoy it what so ever and I wont be going back if i fail the year. I just want a life where I can go to work and come home thats all i ask for.

I've woke up this morning at 3:30am and have been up ever since. My girlfriend (x girlfriend) works in Alnwick just doing a work placement for her business degree. She's a really lovely girl and I love her with ll my heart and wanted everything with her and still do. I am willing to wait for her because I know we can be together I just want her to change her mind :(

I hope to find work in Newcastle as this is where i have applied for all jobs and for all job agencies I then hope to get a flat or house share for around £65 a week maybe £70 a week. I can only afford about £400 maximum for rent and then my bills.
Everybody definitely needs a girlfriend that is there during the rough times. Trust me it's much harder alone in hard times and it holds you back from moving on. London would be the worst place for this to happen to anybody because of the stupidly high living cost. Look deep inside you, there must be something you can do to make some quick cash!:(


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h_freezy said:
…deep inside you, there must be something you can do to make some quick cash!:(
Ironically, you can make quick cash via something or someone deep inside you. (Sorry Glen, it was a joke that was waiting to be made)


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Really sorry to hear that Glen.

As Berry says, often things work out for the better. However, if she's the one and you continue to believe she is then keep at it, my parents split up for quite a while before getting back together and getting married, now they're 25 years down the line with 5 kids :)

Dating's a painful game, be careful y'all. I'm so glad I've not bothered playing it just yet.
Hey sorry to here about your situation Glen...

I know it's an old one but I think it's totally true...Plenty more fish in the sea and all that!

Just focus on your ambitions and dreams - i'm sure that will keep you busy and things will start to look up :up:


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I'm in the same position as everyone else on this, I was happy with my ex, nearly 3 years and she dumped me like a bad habbit, she moved someone else in days after I was out, it sucked, but I found somewhere new to live, had some of the best times with my housemate and then happened upon my now gf of 3 years and counting!

I'm an eternal optimist and I was knocked for 6 when it happened, but above all else, my friends were there for me and this was the best thing in the world!


in times like that friends are what helps.. someone to drag your a$$ out to a pub and have a few bevvies with you :)


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my friend took me to london! no real reason, he just thought it would be a good idea!

Yes Man: Amazon.co.uk: Danny Wallace: Books

I think this would be a good time to get on a yes man soap box (forget the film, seriously), the whole point of the book was Wallace had been dumped by his long term girlfriend and was trying to get his life back on track by saying yes more. Seriously it helped change my life atfter I'd been dumped! Some of the ridiculous things we did because of this book were amazing! But then some of the normal things that happened aswell were amazing!

It's a great laugh, and you never know you might get inspired to end up doing something awesome because of it! I'd offer to send you my copy Glen, but sadly after I'd finished reading it someone asked me if they could borrow it, and I said yes (shockingly enough) and havent seen it since!


I would say go for a holiday or something get away from the country.. but that requires money :(