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Designing for large format


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Hi everyone

I am currently working with a company designing all their advertising. One thing they have requested is a design for a trailer which is 12ft x 8ft having never designed for large format before just looking for some advice.

I am assuming that the design would be done scaled down and the blown up by the printing company? just wondering about the images, the ones I have are 300 dpi and could be blown up without losing too much detail?

Any advice on best practices and experience would be greatly appreciated.
From past experience most large format printers will ask for it quarter size

So if you set up the artwork 3ft x 2ft at 300dpi for quarter. once its blown up to full size it will be fine.

Bare in mind finished print quality on large formats vary from between 75 - 150dpi i would check with the printer.

Keep all text as vector and outline, and probably embed any images.

Think thats it. :nod:
As a guideline for resizing upwards, You're safe at a threshold of 150% the size of the image, once you start to go beyond that point the loss of quality is going to be easier to spot.