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Designing a flash website thats accessible for those without flash?


Senior Member
Hi everyone

I am a webdesigner who's familiar with the understanding that to create a well functioning website using javascript for instance, the website still needs to be accessible for those without javascript, i.e. still look good with javascript disabled.

I wondered how people tend to get around designing a flash site and still accommodating people who dont have flash?

Please let me know if theres a good way to do this or any techniques people use!




Active Member
The only thing you can really do for people without flash is prompt them to download it and provide alternative content...

swfObject - http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/ is a good start, its "the right way" to attached swf files in your webpages... with the alternate content perhaps provide a link to a html version of the site? along with a link to download/install flash.

I'd be interested to hear other peoples views also, I tend to avoid flash in general myself... although it seems to be becoming more and more common in my day job.