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Designers Wanted

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Designers wanted to help out in business project. Possible money paid for work. For further details, email me at

EDIT- Thread closed, the marketplace forum is for paid projects only.


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Possible money? Why doesn't this trick work in Sainsbury's?

'Look, I need some food, I might be able to pay.'

Not gonna work there is it? So why here?


people seem to think that the enticement of "possible money" is enough these days.. pfft


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captainrage said:
Duh guys, it's obviously because they will be doing US a favor..
Yeh, I could do with some stuff in my portfolio so I can get offered more free work, so I can tender for more free work that will enable me one day to get some even better high profile free work that may one day soo land the Big free work.


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Why post an advertisement for design work on a public forum, but be so vague?
Either you have something worth doing and sharing, or not...?
Not open for further replies.