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designers communicating with developers


Junior Member
Please take the survey, I really need this for my report, and my hope my research as a ground for my article which aims to contribute to the field. I really appreciate those who have already taken the survey, thank you :)


Staff member
oooohhh yeah we're going to jump on it right now... you're not even joining in on the forum :rolleyes:

Put it simply - we generally feel more inclined to help people who join in :up:


Your survey doesn't take into account freelancing. There's a massive difference between a lone freelancer and a group of freelancers working together or forming a company. To start the minimum company size as a 9 employees or more is a little odd.

Also, as Levi has mentioned, as with everything in life if you want something then you need to put something in. Don't expect people to drop what they're doing to help you when you have made no contributions to this forum whatsoever.


we seem to be getting a raft of these requests at the moment.. I do really wonder if any of them are students or poll takers trying to get numbers up... very suspicious.