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Designer needed


Junior Member
I am looking for someone to design a Joomla based site,I have a budget of £800.The requirements are below

1. There will be a listings directory and are to be 3 levels of listing
Basic (free) , would include name, address , etc etc and ability to upload one pic
2nd level( not free) , as above but ability to add something extra ie 2 pics and/or video
Featured ( not free), as above but would be a featured listing on site.A bit like how yell.com does it
2. There will be the ability to leave reviews
3. Submission of listings and reviews cannot be done without an account
4. newsletter module
5. A forum
6. Social Media interaction ie maybe a little box which displays tweets
7. Some kind of news feed on front page.Something a bit sophisticated than RSS
8.Ability to show banner adverts ( this is how I will make my money so very important).MUST be able to add or remove adverts at will WITHOUT any assistance.
9. Some kind of events calendar
10. A gallery ( we want users to post pictures and articles of events)
11. Ability to comment on articles.The comments will remain on the site ( ie wont be able to submit via FB) and users must be registered and logged in).

PM me for more details.
Hello Locler!

I have sent a PM.
Let me know what further details you should be needing so we can provide an accurate solution.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Nicole Anderson