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Designer Kenny Allan - www.el-studio.co.uk - Critique

We are looking for some feedback on the design and content of our website-

About El Studio
Kenny Allan, formerly creative director of Marque Creative, Glasgow and The Hub Agency, has just launched his personal portfolio.

We look forward to hearing your comments.

El Studio


Active Member
Hi Kenny.

I like your sites design, aesthetically it looks nice.

However, it seems to be wholly flash? I've heard many people advise against it so they must have some reasoning behind that. I'm currently on a reasonably congested connection but it took a long time to load the different images.

They're the two downsides, but other than those, a really fab portfolio. I love the simplistic style, from the layout to the colourscheme, the fade aswell. All the images seem professionally taken and really present you and your work well.

You seem to be aiming at a higher end client rather than run of the mill jobs, so your name seems suitable.

Having looked at your site some more, you've got some really nice work in there, top stuff.
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