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Design Mags


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What are you guys reading?

I like creative review for good reads.

Also read someones copy of kilimanjaro, which was cool.


Staff member
Honestly, I rarely buy mags on design these days, the internet is such a huge source of information that I seem to find more by going online than looking in mags.

I do sometimes buy the creative mags however as they often have free stuff that might come in useful at some point :)


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I buy a different mag everytime I go to WHSmith, Subscribed to Blueprint but its awful, will be going back to ICON when this subscription dies.


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I buy .Net on occasion, used to buy it every month but considering I very, very rarely use the bits on the disc they include, the £6 price tag makes it pretty expensive for a quick read.


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xxmissbirdyxx said:
I read frame and icon :D lol not that any of you would read it as they are interior design mags :p
Is frame any good? I used to subscribe to ICON but I felt it got a bit dull, having bought a few different mags since im tempted to go back. Found two great aussie/nz mags while I was there... indesign and urbis


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Computer Arts and Projects are always good, although I don't always buy projects.

If I have lots of spare cash in a month I often try to get Grafik as well.


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there's a mountain under my bed, but I do kinda value them in a way, as they are a great source of inspiration! Even some of the ad's in CA are brilliant!


LOL i've not read a design mag in many years.. i used to get Creative Review when I lived in New Zealand :) but thats a long time ago :p
I love magazines, someone said there's a whole host of info on the web and whilst that's very true I find nothing is better than a physical printed copy. You can get a 'feel' of the magazine, especially if special papers have been used for certain pages – texture is an important part of design, something the net would struggle to offer!

I've got stacks of issues of a range of mags, good to keep to refer back to as well.

I subscribe to Creative Review, Print Week and Mac User, plus also sometimes buy Computer Arts and Design Week.