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Design in the restaurant industry


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hi, im new to the forum, i own a restaurant. like most restaurant owners trying to keep costs low, were trying to do our designing of signs and leafets in house. Hopefully i will find some tips on this forum!


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Welcome, Just remember - No taking photos of food! looks awful on menus unless its been professionally done, you dont want it looking like a kebab shop (even if it is a kebab shop)

I personally think the "more professional" the menu looks the less credible the resturant, everyone knows chain resturants are usually pretty average and they always have the all singing all dancing super glossy menus. My advice would be to keep it simple, perhaps print your menus etc on standard headed paper - you could invest in some nicer quality paper and use some rbanded leather/leartherette menu cases. Feel free to message me if you want some ideas or info i'll try and help.
I was in my local All Bar One the other day. They have their menus on a big roll - customers tear them off and they double as place mats. Thought that was pretty neat.


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Hi zmangan,

Welcome to DF, have you had any luck in designing your restaurant promo materials?
Some good tips from br3n above ^