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Design for Life. Newbie here!


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I am a creative 24 year old and conceiver of ideas, but until now have also been a dreamer.

I take a keen interest in design and after procrastinating for far too long am looking to initially learn and develop my skills in using programs like Illustrator and Photoshop where I can begin to see some hard evidence of my abilities, to be reassured and taken seriously.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, support and wisdom along the road in which I hope to reciprocate and look forward in getting to know some of you.

In particular does anyone have any suggestions for sites to visit to help develop my skills in logo design and use of Adobe CS4, Ai, Ps etc...?

Also my first project is to give myself an identity then just besides using my name and so forth, do you think this is a good idea, anything I should think about?

In the meantime, Thanks and wish you all every success!
In particular does anyone have any suggestions for sites to visit to help develop my skills in Logo design and use of Adobe CS4, Ai, Ps etc...?
It's about the idea more than what you can produce in software. Use the software to finish your idea, not to start it.


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I agree, till date I have only ever gone around pretty much with ideas in my head and not getting them out, this is where my creativity needs discipline.

I basically need to learn how to use the software to finish the ideas, I am only just discovering the actual applications from the outset, so you see my journey is only beginning!


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Thanks, am aware of these fundamentals and indeed will keep them close to my side.

Tbh, Its all music to my ears, Can't explain the enthusiasm and frustration I have twinned with the sheer relief that I have stopped procrastinating and starting to do something about it. I know its a long road, but am really excited and can't wait to get things properly underway!
Hi Cole,

Welcome to DF!

These sites should also keep you entertained for a while.

Vectortuts+ | Adobe Illustrator and vector tutorials, from beginner to advanced.
Psdtuts+ | Adobe Photoshop tutorials, from beginner to advanced.
Tutorial9 | Photoshop Tutorials, Photography Tuts, and Resources

Lots of Design blogs also post tutorials and tips, so it would be a good idea to start following their feeds and Twitter etc.

And of course DF is always here to help you out if you get stuck on something :)


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Hey guys,

Been a month since my introduction, and I have had a lot to think about, sadly not moved much further since though.

Tbh, My heads a blur and a I feel overwhelmed, I would appreciate some help and guidance to help start focusing my efforts more clearly.

A little about me, I am 24 and a full time flight attendant flying to longhaul destinations around the world. I now have a Apple Laptop to take my work with me and just started making use of Adobe CS4 (and learning the various platforms namely, Ps, Ai and Id). Although I am away at times sporadically, I do have lots of free time in the UK to make use of too. My interests are in Design, Advertising, Branding and Marketing and would love the idea of working on projects with companies and so forth, involving the recognised design process, brief etc...I take a keen interest in the business side of things, but am looking to gain understanding in the industry standard design methods to develop and finish ideas.

My main dilemma is, for someone who has no-little design experience, where should I start?, do you think I should go back to study at college, uni, or home courses?

I was thinking about initially creating my own identity. I am also pretty confident I could get some work from colleagues, of which I know many have small businesses, and opportunities for branding, advertising and identity?

Finally It would be interesting to know......Whats your story?