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Design for life - BBC 2


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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone seen Design for life on BBC 2 last night with Phillipe Starck. He's nuts but quality at what he does. It was really interesting for me because Im doing a degree with The Open University in Technology - Design and Innovation and everything he was saying was just what I had learnt in my latest module, so it all made sense.

Just wondering if anyone seen it and what they think of him?

Cheers all


I watched a clip of him talking to some "design students" and watched him completely destroy all their ideas :lol: the first thing that came to my mind was.. Thats Berry with a French accent :lol:


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ha ha. he did destroy their ideas but he chose them from their ideas so he must have like something about them. its quality though because he just calls them lazy and rubbish. but when they are good he tells them which i really like.


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Is anyone else still following this series?
I've been catching them on BBC iPlayer (even though the pre-presentation moments full of nerves brings back some memories of University!!) I'm enjoying the series!

Any bets on who will be the winner and go on to complete the placement? Assuming there isn't another terrible/misunderstood brief week and it's all shut down.


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hes a bit of a twat, obviously a very creative twat....

having said that it's the same as the apprentice; they seem to choose the biggest bunch of monkeys around to be on the show.

they never follow the brief properly


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i have to say i agree with Charles. they are a generally lamentable bunch. how can Jess fill 6 weeks with cutting 3 fingers off a glove and sort of, er, maybe think about fitting some kind of a light in it to scare off nasty male attackers. how on earth did she get to last 4? And Mike is allowed to farm out CAD work by email - how did he get his degree? i hope the show isn't screened outside the UK, it's an embarrassment. i teach design/innovation to Masters level, so i know how students struggle with open briefs......but, really.....these guys are supposed to be CREATIVE. no wonder Starck wanted to pull the plug after show 3.


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gromz said:
And Mike is allowed to farm out CAD work by email - how did he get his degree?
On my course (product design bsc) when I was at uni we were allowed to use any services available to us for our final project as long as we documented the whole process that we wen't through etc. Suffice to say 75% of the higher end students out sourced their models so they could work on the other bits like the CAD.

Having said that with your little review, I think I want to watch it now, may do it when I get a bit of spare time as the design mentioned sounds like absolute rubbish :)


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Fair enough Levi if that was permitted in your course rules. Design for Life is supposed to be a competition between individuals though - obviously the producers allowed Mike his subcontractors, but the use of CAD to draw a simple item like a rectangular tray with rectangular pockets should not be beyond the capabilities of a design graduate. One of the other contestants was whinging that she could not draw. So what do we have here....can't draw, can't CAD, can't design mechanisms, can't think of a decent concept! Minimalism in the extreme! Yeah, it's just TV, but it gives the design profession a bad image. My students love to hate the show.......so guess it's a form of entertainment! Enjoy!
A mate of mine worked at Puma while Stark was working with them on a collaboration for a shoe, he said he's a tosser of the highest order!

Still said he's good at what he does however...


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Howay Van Gogh created artworks worth thousands of pounds - after he died!
He also was mad enough to cut off his lower ear and even his brother said it was unbearable to live with him!
So just because Starck is good at designing whatever he thinks is minimalist and contemporary, doesnt mean it is useful (e.g. the coffee jug-thing) nor does it make him a good person, just a good product designer.