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Design Consultancy starts auction for services


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Essence Design will start auctioning its services from next month, in the hope of drumming up business during the recession.

The Birmingham-based design consultancy is setting up an Ebay-style auction section on its website, where it will offer a menu of services that will change ‘once or twice a month’.

The first two offers, due to launch on 10 March, will be a website design, usually worth about £7000, and a branding project.

Essence hopes that the initiative will help to identify ‘today’s market rate for design services’, according to managing director Steven Wilber.
Essence Design to auction its services - Design Week

Quite a radical strategy, has anyone else considered anything like this before?!


crazy... but a good idea :) i think it will get some good reactions from the clientbase to get a possible freebie :D


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There is a danger of devalueing the brand. We all compromise and cut our cloth accordingly. But it's best to keep that private and not public. Good luck to anyone who is willing to try new routes to market. If it works then hats off to them. What it may signal is another thread and topic......