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Design Blog Layout

Web Design is one of my most feared enemies, somehow I find it extremely difficult and have failed at many attempts to make a website I find visually pleasing.

Anyhow, I've decided to face my demon, and create a Blog for my Designs.

I need good simple honest constructive critisizm, if you think I can improve certain parts, by all means let me know, I accept your advice with open arms!

Many Thanks
It's basic, but I like it :)

I don't like the semi-colons after the left and right nav headings though.

Without it being on a site, for me to play with, it's hard to say much more ...

Though I would get your own domain and email address, having an @hotmail.com account looks unprofessional.

It feels a bit too flat and clunky to me. Maybe the use of thick black borders and solid colour. Maybe you could try softening it up a bit, add some texture/pattern/gradient (subtle - something visual to excite the ol eyeballs) to your colour and bring out some depth by using (again - very subtle!) gradients, bevels shadows etc. I would also second getting rid of your hotmail address.
The massive red chunk of pillar in the middle is a bit difficult on the eyes with too many colours fighting for attention.

I agree with the post above this, try playing around with some gradient and maybe some slightly weaker colours for the center section :icon_thumbup:

Overall layout is very nice