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Design based podcast… North v South

Myself and a friend of mine have started a design based podcast. It's not one of those podcasts where the Director of D&AD discusses the merits of Post Modernism in the post-digital age, it's two designers, one from the north and one from the south, who chat about being a designer, working in the industry… We also chat weekly about anything else that has caught our eye.

In the latest episode we look at a sinister machine that turns itself off, Jon goes a bit cuckoo, while Rob coos at mating pigeons and miniature houses.

We discuss whether you make your own luck by just working hard or if the hands of the gods are upon us like that film with the mechanical owl in it.

We then present a synchronised pie review for the first time.



Have a listen and let me know what you think.


Staff member
Will try to.

I did listen to most of your first one but I tend to feel like I'm ear wigging on someone else's conversation.
I end up feeling a bit uncomfortable for some reason (podcasts in general) and end up switching therm off.

I think I'm to polite for all this modern stuff. ;)