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Design Bar/Speake​asy Cost???

Hi guys and girls

Me and my partner Emma are setting up a bar/café. it's going to be a 1920's prohibition style speakeasy, We are just wondering as we are new to this game how much should we be expected to pay (approx). as a one off fee for the following....

- sign/logo design
- input in the interior design (maybe)
- design of menus, business cards. website, social media setup and design. poster template.

anything else that should be added that we have missed?

we would really appreciate any input as we need to budget for it we also don't want to over pay but on the flip side we don't want people to think it's a bad product for marketing,

thank you so much

Sean Lee-Amies

Hi Del, welcome to the forums!

Honestly, without more information it would be hard to quote accurately. There are so many levels of service at higher and lower rates that to quote at this stage would be pure guess work on the designers part.

I'm not 100% sure on signage, again, it really depends what you want but for a logo....

Minimum: £150
Recommended: £2-300
Maximum: £450

If you're looking for fancy illustration work, in the form of a logo mark, to go alongside, or above, a typographic solution then you might want to allow for a slightly bigger budget.

Branding (including logo, menu, business cards and poster template) can be anywhere between £500 to £2,000 for a decent job. When it comes to branding in the real world, some clients can be very particular about what they want, but not necessarily know how to describe it. If that sounds like you, it's going to take longer, require more revisions and time, and therefore cost more.

Website - How much does a house cost? Do you want a CMS? Do you intend to update and maintain the site yourself? Do you want to create your own menu, or just use PDF's? (I would strongly advise against this) How advanced do you want your menu to be and how much design detail would you like?

A decent restaurant website can cost anywhere between £500 and £2,000 again. If you're looking for managed hosting services (they run your website for you, make changes, keep the site secure and deal with email/web hosting issues) then you'll be looking at a monthly fee upwards of £15 a month.

You can spend more, much more, or you could probably find someone to do it for less... I wouldn't go for less.

What you really need is to sit down with a branding specialise and go through it all with them properly - have you approached, or been approached, by anyone yet?

Let me know if you have any questions :)


Staff member
- input in the interior design (maybe) - this could be expensive depending on what level of input you're after. Seeing as you've got a theme this could go from a simple picking the right colours to going all the way up to full on interior design and managing the construction side of things, you've not picked a cheap design aesthetic either, you'd likely need a fair bit of custom work done.

If it was me for everything in your list I'd be budgeting around £3000+ depending on the complexity of each bit.

Most of the work you've listed can be done by people on here (we're pretty much all artists/designers of some sort of website developers), so what I'd suggest is to break down exactly what you're looking for (bullet points are fine) and then asking for quotes from some of the talented people on this site :)
I think for something like that I would be looking at charging around the £3,000 mark as well.

At the end of the day though you will get what you pay for. There will be people who will undertake all of that for £500. But there won't be the same amount of research goes into it as someone who is charging for a month of their time.

Do some research, look at some designers websites, get quotes from the ones you like the look of. This is a similar project I did recently for a client who set up a similar business: http://thelogomark.co.uk/portfolio/the-brentwood-kitchen/http://thelogomark.co.uk/portfolio/the-brentwood-kitchen/

Tony Hardy

Hi Del Lowe,

We've actually just recently undertaken a project like, exactly the same in fact. A sort of "secret cocktail club" if you will.

In regards to signage and interior, that all depends on the size and space you have. The club we just designed for had a budget for interior work and signage of £50,000. But, they had quite a sized venue that needs a lot of renovating.

To give you some ideas on signage, I've worked on sign projects with fully illuminated signage stretching 8ft by about 3-4ft high that've worked out at around £1000 for the sign itself, plus design time (normally billed hourly for little bits like this.)

Interior design is a different matter altogether. You'd want a professional interior designer/adviser I'd imagine. No idea on costs here though I'm afraid, not really my ballpark.

For the branding work for the business that we worked with on this, we charged them a fairly modest fee of £1000. For this, they've had a beautiful logo designed and a simple one page website. The idea is to move forward with bigger elements and things at a later date and using this as a start point.

If you need any help at all, give me a shout.


Edit: Thought I may as well throw the logo itself in the post too: