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Design Agency - Web Concept

Hi Guys,

Hope all is well :up:

Been putting together a web concept for a design agency focusing on being green. Can anyone think of any other design elements I could add to this. Also if there are any other suggestions critiques on the design please let me know as I want the client to say 'wow' when I submit the design.




Active Member
Hi Steve,

I think Renniks has a point with the slideshow tab, you probably don't need to tell people its a slideshow, they can work it out?

I think the general design is good and at a point you should feel confident in presenting to your client.

For me personally the bits I'm not so keen on are;
The testimonial bit seems a little weak and also confusing in the way it breaks into two columns... I think it could be a bit stronger, in single column and perhaps move it down below the slideshow?

The other thing is the very defined width / box of the design - shadowed edges / different texture - mainly just because I preffer a design to feel like its sits the full width of the page (even if it doesn't and is only an illusion).

Also if your going to display the email address make sure email is not intact in the html as it will attract a lot of spam... for example you can use something like a | symbol in the html then replace it to be an @ with javascript and become a mailto link via js also. I used a technique along these lines here: Contact Us - Niche Communications

If you want to outsource the coding or simply want some advice on sections/elements if your doing it yourself feel free to give me a shout!