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DEFINITE Temp Creative Artworker Required

Following from my previous post, this is now definitely happening. Dates are 7th August and 10th - 14th August. Having discussed further with the directors of the agency, candidates will preferably be no more than half an hour away from the office in South Croydon. So...

I need the services of a creative artworker/designer. Your desk will have 3 Macs on it - a Mini running 10.4, used for sending and receiving email, FTP and 'light' tasks. A 24" iMac running 10.5 - CS3, Quark 7, MSOffice. And a G4 running 9.2 (yes!) - plus a network containing copious amounts of work, both old and new.

Working for a small agency in conjunction with 2 creatives. Lots of work, mainly retail-based, with 90% of all work concentrated around one main client, with an appetite for accurate work being turned around very quickly. Strong corporate identity adherance required along with a certain amount of creative input which will be dictated by the client.

Hours are relatively flexible but start no later than 10am and the day ends when, well, the day ends - you know how it is...

Hourly rate based on work done, increased to £20p/h from £18p/h in my previous post for time worked (no daily rate) and you *should* be free to fill in with your own work.

It will be required for the chosen candidate to come in and get familiar with the workflow beforehand which can be arranged first.

Over to you...
Hey i live literally just down the road from south Croydon. Could practically crawl there, Can you PM me the name of the company please?
Peter - really sorry. It's not my particular stipulation but they are adamant that should there be some sort of delay coming in for whatever reason, they can at least be sure that it's minutes rather than hours when the clients are chasing in the mornings...