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Decorating the office...


Staff member
Well, started a new job about 1.5 months ago and everything is going great. But the office is very bare.

To the left of me, a window blocked by closets. In front of me a white wall with an old whiteboard on it. To the right is a pinkish wall and behind me is a white wall.

It looks very drab and not at all like a Design space!

There isn't even a shelf!

I'm thinking of a 2 or 3 tiered shelf, and getting some really good design books etc. Not sure which though - something so a client can browse or something. Any suggestions?

Other ideas are to live up the wall space with some prints on foam board, we have our own marketing and branding - but if anyone has seen anything cool or interesting I'd love to hear about it.

We can print on foam or pvc up to 1meter in either height or width and any length.

Plenty of scope for what can be done.

Any ideas or suggestions on what could live up the space, especially for clients who come in the odd time, or even showing people around.

Paul Murray

Staff member
A huge, classic quote on one of the walls "You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps…"

…written in your own shit.

I have a home office so don't have to worry about impressing clients, but I like to have nik naks around the place, stuff to pick up and make the place feel a little less 'worky.' I guess just pick up stuff that gives a sense of your personality? Tiny cactus seem to be popular in studios nowadays. Doesn't matter if you forget to water them too.
My other business specialises in vehicle wrapping and vinyl wall wraps, have done some really great city scenes and my son has an entire jungle book room :)