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Debating Design

I personally love having a debate with other designers so I thought we could have a go here.
(Just an idea, we can remove it no one likes this concept)
- Upload two designs of a similar category (ie: printed posters, websites, company branding) for others to debate which one they prefer.
- Pick one of the designs (submitted by someone else) and give a reason why you think it's better than the other one.
- If you disagree with someone's point or choice, explain why you think they are wrong.
- This process carries on until we all agree- ok, maybe not. At some 'suitable' point, the next submission can be made.
So i'll start:


Sean Lee-Amies

I much prefer looking at the second of your entries Alex. I love the use of colour, instead of simple flat colours with black text. I think it's better than the first one because of that mainly, but also there's a lot more to look at which makes it feel more complete. I find the top one rather plain and boring. They're both professional, and so it has to come down to personal preference really.
Here are my two.



Sean Lee-Amies

Come on, at least one of you other designers on here must have some kind of input to give!

Sean Lee-Amies

Either, but preferably both!
I think I will have to make some changes to the rules... feel free to discuss anything posted, and you don't have to post up your own images in order to participate.


Staff member
Web pages:
For me, deffo the the top one although the bottom one has hexagons which we all know are the "new circles"
Although they are both nicely designed the top one is simple, well executed and has good use of colour.
I really like the little humour bits like the "Hi" and "Rock & Scroll"
I'm also a sucker for vectors.
Hear mi now!


Staff member
honestly I'm not fully getting what you expect in this thread... we can never really come to a conclusion if 2 good pieces are put up because design is subjective.

Personally I like the top ones for both option, first one because it doesn't have any iproduct plus I remember using ALL of the stuff in it. The second one just seems more 'modern' to me and arguably cleaner