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Death & Taxes


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Got some bad news tonight that a friend has been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and has been given about 3 months. She has taken it very well even though it came right out of the blue with undiagnosed pains and a that scan picked it up in the liver.

So.......... Life is more fragile than we think.....And kinda puts a lot of things into perspective.............

The question is..... 3 month..........what would you really do? really really do?

It's a heavy thought. But one that we shun every day.....

What would you REALLY do? It's a defining thought. think carefully.... it may shape the rest of your life. Shit happens.


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YouTube - Long Live The Queen

Listen to this, I have never heard such a wonderful spin on a negative situation. So much so that after my friend found out his mum had cancer he got a tattoo that said, now I'll dance for the 2 of us.

Hope your ok mr B.

Personally, I would want to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible and try and hit a few of the dreams that remain as such.

Go to MSG and watch wrestling.
Go to the Boston Garden and see the Celtics.
Get a tattoo on my face!


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that's some sad news...3months is too short to do anything but i hope she can afford to enjoy herself and smile everyday till death comes for her. She can try to do good things, give to charity if she's got cash and do that thing she's ever wanted to do.

i hope she makes it to heaven if she believes there is one. AMEN
That is so sad! :cry:

How awful to be given an actual limit to how long you have to live ! :cry:

Reminds me of the film "The Bucket List" very good but emotional!


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Id rather know I had 3 months to live than to just not wake up one morning. I dont really know what id do - probably get a huge loan out and go forth and spend! I'd also plan one hell of a funeral!


Well at least she knows she has 3 months... I know this isnt nice to say but, it would be worse if it just happened suddenly (like overnight) with no warning :( my heart goes out to your friend Berry...


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I hope you're coping okay Berry, and that your friend will end their live the way they want to.

Honestly thinking about it I have no idea what I'd do. But to be honest I don't want to think about it- it's horrible to think you'll be gone in a small amount of time. For the last 15 minutes I've been trying to put myself in your friend's position and I just can't think how difficult that'd be.

Freshers week this uni year my sister's friend went out and starting drinking, as you do, but then starting fainting, being sick, everything. It went on for a few days (they thought it was Freshers Flu), but then they slipped into a coma. They got rushed to hospital and the boy got woken up one last time to basically say this will be the last time you're awake.

I can't imagine how painful that'd be to say to the family, no matter for the family to tell the person who's about to die, no matter be the one that's about to die, and I've never ever experienced a death in my family, and tbh until then I'll never understand even how you're feeling Berry, nor your friend.

The Bucket List is a similar way to how I'd like to end my life, but fact of the matter is, you never know what's going to happen.

Sorry, I rambled with no order in this post (maybe as usual), but I hope people get the main gist of what I'm saying.

Hope everything's good in the hood Berry Boy.


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br3n said:
Id rather know I had 3 months to live than to just not wake up one morning. I dont really know what id do - probably get a huge loan out and go forth and spend! I'd also plan one hell of a funeral!
crazy scenario:

Spend the huge loan,
then you find out that it was a wrong diagnosis,
how the fcuk will you pay it back!


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Sorry to hear that Berry. The same happened to my dad a few years ago, a stealthy cancer that showed up in his liver too late. Managed 9 weeks... Spend as much time as you can with her, it's actually a very sweet time when every second seems special. Like my dad, she will probably die at the end of the summer along with all the flowers, and that time of year will always remind you of her.
So, what would I do? Be with the people closest to me. Forget the grand plans.