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Dear Levi...


Senior Member
I found some seemingly exclusive and unreleased footage of The Last Airbender movie :)

It's the promo-video for an upcoming event in Belgium, but some the footage is very distinctive and some of it literally copied from already existing trailers (the iceberg). Other distinctive parts are the clock/calendar from the underground library, the multiple references to the moon, the snake pass, and (presumably Aang falling through) the tunnel to the spirit world.

Enjoy :)
Daydream Festival

(other people may ignore this topic actually :p)


Well-Known Member
That's pretty interesting, the calendar from the underground library looks great. How did they get permission to use the footage for THAT though? Strange.


Staff member
I'll take a look at it when my net is back to normal, it's been dodgy since the fire/flood in that london exchange and it's just taking forever to get that intro to play.