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Dealing with Idiots


Active Member
Today i have mostly been dealing with Idiots! for example, if you purchased a BETAMAX video cassette player back in the 70/80's would you still expect it to be supported now!

Of course you wouldn't, so why do idiots think a website that was built in 2000 by a old design agency should be supported now by the new owners, and to add insult to injury, they getting the solution completely redesigned by another design company and expect it be integrated in the old solution, for free! you built it you support it mentality.

No support on BETAMAX anymore? Scandal! :p

Had a kinda similar situation myself. Dude said, "well now you've built the website, you'll support and maintain it free of charge right"?


Feckin' Eejits.. :)


sounds like a client from hell website addition is needed with that one Geoff :D