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Dayspeed V2


Senior Member
I've taken in ideas from the last critique. The header is slightly different now. Few subtle changes too.

I'm still unsure about the balance of the logos on the left. What do you guys think?

Also, if the grid still looks a bit wobbly, let me know!

I think you should either put two logos left and two logos right or just make a new page specifically for those logos...or you would put them somewhere on the homepage within the content? Or maybe even fit them in the footer.

I like the look though, very nice.
Looks great! I like the subtle changes. And the addition of the scan lines in the header really works and gives a sense of speed which fits in perfectly with the name and the Car theme.

Regarding the logos. Perhaps you could widen the white content area and have a separate column for logos and advertising? Might make the page a bit too wide though.