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Database driven website


Junior Member
Can anyone recomend an online course or must have book to learn to create a database driven website? I did a SQL course over 10 years ago, is this of any use now?:confused:
SQL is definitely very useful now. If you want to create a basic database driven website I'd have a look at Wordpress. It's based on PHP/MySQL and very easy to get your head around even for people with very little experience in database driven sites.

There's a huge community around Wordpress as well so you'll always be able to find help if you get stuck on something.


if you have a localhost server installed locally then yes :) will need mySQL and PHPmyAdmin installed to make it work :) and iis would help too :)


Junior Member
Thank you for the advice - I have just been reading about Apache on the internet. I think I will go the WAMP route.
Is there any good books out there worth getting?