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Daryl Summers - Portfolio

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by darylsummers, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. darylsummers

    darylsummers Junior Member

    Hello! My name is Daryl and I am a professional website developer for a company in Kent. I have created a new version of my portfolio website - Daryl Summers and I would really appreciate it if I could receive some feedback on the design and content.

    All feedback is welcome as it will encourage me to evolve me designs and increase my creativity!

    Many thanks

    Daryl Summers
    Daryl Summers
  2. br3n

    br3n Senior Member

    Not loading for me
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Works for me.

    Nice, very clean. I like it :)
  4. darylsummers

    darylsummers Junior Member

    Oh how weird it didn't load. It is all online now if you would like to see?

    Thank you for your kind comments, Paul :)
  5. JamesBrentwood

    JamesBrentwood Senior Member

    Looks really nice and functions smoothly.
    One thing that distracts my eye are some of the glows, especially when they are against black, like your personal profile image. I feel like it's a little too pronounced. Maybe tone them down a little?
    Other than that I think its really great.
  6. darylsummers

    darylsummers Junior Member

    Thank you James, I will implement your feedback you suggested at the weekend as I do agree with you... tone it down just a little :)

    Many thanks!
  7. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    I have to say it's all a bit "wannabe celeb". I like the colour theme and format of the site but the logo and glowing effects on the banner and profile pic are a tad tacky, like James said needs toning down.

    WEBIAN Senior Member

    Very nice site and logo.

    Perhaps I'd link the animated image to the portfolio.
  9. darylsummers

    darylsummers Junior Member

    Ben Jones... you're very local to me, I live in East Malling :)
  10. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Do you use gell?
  11. WEBIAN

    WEBIAN Senior Member

  12. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Yes Gell.
  13. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    Overall I like it, especially the simple clear navigation, however I would suggest these critiques:

    1. Twitter account - As a professional web designer I don't think the twitter feed is relevant at all, the ones I can see at the moment are about xFactor, and your bed, which doesnt sound too professional, so either remove the twitter link and feed, or make some relevant posts?
    2. Home page title - I persoanlly don't like the 'welcome to X site' (i'm sure many people do tho) but having some titles in the page instead of that would be better, for example: 'Daryl Summers Portfolio', then also add in more sub headings, like 'Aims&Objectives' - I think many people can be put off by long(ish) paragraphs and content should be minimal and straight to the point.
    3. Testimonials - Similar to the point above I think there could be some extracts of the long testimonial that are only 1 sentence long and give a quick snappy positive comment about you.
    4. Links - In the about page the links have a very thick black line under them, maybe making them look nicer (more thin, dotted, different colour etc) would be better.
    5. Contact - Do people send letters now adays? Maybe the 'Write to me' is a little out of date, seeing there is an instant web form to the left of it... and maybe having a 'subject' in the form would be useful for you when receiving emails.

    I like how you laid out the servers and portfolio pages.

    Anyway, that's some of my critical feedback- everything I write is not meant to be nasty, but simply constructive, and I hope it helps. In any case, I'm a young graphic designer, not web designer, so just let me know if i'm talking balls :p
  14. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    blimey you are close, just down the road in fact! at least you're not another one from up north.......
  15. WEBIAN

    WEBIAN Senior Member

    I thought you mentioned gel, because of his hair.
  16. RachJenn

    RachJenn Junior Member

  17. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

  18. WEBIAN

    WEBIAN Senior Member

    It's got one L :rolleyes:

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