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dance work


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Hi Mick,

Attachment has worked, is there a particular dance style that the studio teaches? & a specific age group/target market? Is that your image on the attachment, or just for the direction you're planning?
No thats my design mate, its a mixture of every dance style, the lady has talent, ive got other images from tap to ballet to street. just tryin to do something eye catching. then ive got the martial art side to do aswell as its a joint studio.


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Nice, I like it :)

Will it have copy on it I'm guessing? Would look really smart if you could do them in a movie poster style, so each dance style has it's own poster, then the studio logo and any other revelant logos along the bottom, or 'Name of Dance Studio Presents...'

Might tie in nicely with the heightened interest in dance through recent TV/Films?
Yeah it will have copy, but how much i dont know at this stage. ive still to design the logo for them. Im doing everything for them design wise. banners, flyers, logo, posters etc. should be fun. get to be really creative for a change


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Cool, sounds like a nice job to get, and definitely like the direction you're taking them, keep us posted on how they turn out, should be a great set of work for the portfolio :)


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Sounds like a great job to work on, and what you're doing looks brilliant. I'd like to see the martial arts side when you have some of it to post.
The Alexander McQueen/ Puma stuff was really nice too, think a lot of it was shot by Nick Knight, love his work, this has to be one of my all time favourite images

It's a great image but very macho. Is that deliberate? Far more girls dance than boys and they might think the dance school is just for the blokes. Also the face looks like it's grimacing, might just be the small image on my netbook, I'd prefer it to be happier. To my mind this'd be fab for the martial arts studio and the pose does work for both, but the overall look says that the studio is aimed at teenagers and street dance. If that's the target then cool.
Its age group is kids up to mid 30s. she also does zumba which is for everyone. but im trying to promote the new studio at the moment. so i want it as visual as possible to catch peoples eyes etc and i think i will do individual posters for each style of dance
Hi Andy it takes anything between an hour to 3 hours all depends how fast i can get the idea out of my head and onto the screen, alot of trial and error
haha im meeting them tomorrow to give them my concept for the poster. got a crackin visual one of a lassie dancing, her leg his disappearing into paint splatters. so fingers crossed they like it and the price all in.