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Tom Sound

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chrismitchell said:
4 hours sleep is what young people do :p :lol:

Tell me about it, we've done 4 weeks in a row of 80+ hours a week, last weekend was my first weekend for a month and I slept for most of it. One night we were both working at about 4AM discussing just that, how we'd used to go to the McDonalds drive through at Heathrow at a similar hour, just for something to do, then up for work at 8 :lol: classy huh?

Tom Sound said:
4 hours sleep! were you up all night working on your Apple store? :D
Ha yeah i was :| Its all finished now apart from the lighting :)

Gunna have another late one 2night doing all the autocad drawings for it lol


I wonder if this means people are going to take millions of pictures of themselves for each hour of each day :lol:


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Happen to have chatted to the guy who started/owns DailyBooth a few times over the years, really nice guy, used to follow his blog too, Jon Wheatley, many years ago he owned the domain DesignForums dot com, wish I'd known him sooner!


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xxmissbirdyxx said:
Hahahah quite possibly! ...Today is naked friday on there.... there are lots of naked pictures lol!
I really think you should've participated in that "event"... You know, to really be part of the DailyBooth community :hat: