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Custom SimplePie Favicons

So, I'm able to get all my XML content with the following code:

// Require SimplePie

// Initialize new feed
$feed = new SimplePie(array(
// Create a new array to hold data in
$new = array();
// Loop through all of the items in the feed
foreach ($feed->get_items() as $item) {
	// Calculate 24 hours ago
	$yesterday = time() - (24*60*60);
	// Compare the timestamp of the feed item with 24 hours ago.
	if ($item->get_date('U') > $yesterday) {
		// If the item was posted within the last 24 hours, store the item in our array we set up.
		$new[] = $item;
// Loop through all of the items in the new array and display whatever we want.
foreach($new as $item) {
	echo '<div id="item">';
		echo '<div class="date">' . $item->get_date('M j, Y') . ' - ' . $item->get_date('H:i:s') . '</div>';
		echo '<div class="content"><a href="' . $item->get_permalink() . '">' . $item->get_title() . '</a></div>';
	echo '</div>';
Now, for each of those feeds, I need to designate a custom favicon. How would I do this?