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Custom Air Guitar for sale


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haha :D defiantly...

"I'm in the air, I'm in the air, I'm in the air..." (taken from Aerosmiths Love In An Elevator - that was the only song I could find with air in the lyrics lol :p)


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speaking of guitars, just bought another one from the States for my collection. Collecting tommorow.
Not an Air Guitar but after I pay my Customs charges probably hope it was!



nice guitar Berry :) you'd love my dads collection of Guitars. I think he's now got about 20 of them :) including Les Paul's and Rickenbacker's etc :)


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renniks said:
That's a beautiful guitar Berry :)
Any pics of the rest of your collection (how big a collection?!)
Not that big, kinda trimming it down now.....

Haven't got a picture of my favourite, favourite guitar which is my McIlroy A30c, very similar to the Lowden but far superior.
That is the best acoustic in the whole world tone wise, and the one I play each week with. Rather sell the wife!.

'92 Gibson Starburst ( only 300 made)

'50th Anniversary Strat of a '59 Strat ( only 500 made)

Lowden 010 c, mahogany/cedar (1 off- custom build order)

'79 Gibson 335 CRR ( only 300 made)

'86 Lowden Sp 35c

Lowden , Gibson 335 and Gibson Starburst- hanging out in my boardroom

'93 Gibson SJ-200 koa ( only 20 made)

Only joking those are great Berry I didn't know you have such a fantastic collection.

I know Nick Harper son of Roy favours the Lowdon and boy can he play...YouTube that fella.

I think I'll pop around to buskers night next week...see what you get up too in the Spread Eagle.

I'm glad that the rumor it was a gays meeting place has died down...
lol damn picture wont load for me! I used to have a Warlock Bronze Series and Huge amp but had to sell the two for money after finishing University.


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you do love your gibsons mr b! I am gradually edging towards fender, mainly becuase I can afford the 81 custom sg I would love (one piece mahogany body so it weighs in pretty heavy, which is how i like them), and the pick up selector is in the wrong place on a les paul.

One day I would love a firebird in red, with a bigsby.
I've got one of them, I use it when it's my turn to play Ariel the Mermaid.

I look good. The green tail is however getting a tad tight around the old barnacles.

I might invest in a new one after crimbo.