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[crowdsourcing site] alternatives [that pay fair wages to designers]

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Regards to all

Which sites are the best alternative and competition to [crowdsourcing sites that don't pay a fair wage to designers - Levi, Moderator]

I think on the sites that have the most competition and secure payments

Thanks :)
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The best site is your own professional business site rather than one of the crowdsourcing sites that thinks it's perfectly alright for people to do their work for free in the hope of getting paid.... seriously what is it with people commenting about these sorts of sites when they're little better than working for free in most cases.

And yes I did change the title, most of us professionals on here don't approve of crowdsourcing


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If you want to get work you can post a link to your portfolio in your signature. Being a regular postee on the forums and knowledgeable in your area could get you work.

If you're looking for someone to design something for you then you're welcome to post a brief on the forums, and our members will get back to you with their quote for completing the work.

As for now, this thread is closed.

Kind regards
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