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Critique Please


Staff member
doesn't read as Irina to me, does she teach them to swim with dolphins? I'm just not understanding the reasons behind the design.
The theory behind the design is that Dolphins are good swimmers you would say, and the hoop of the top of the i is the represent the goal, the goals you will be able to achieve with her as your coach.


Well-Known Member
It barely works as an 'i', let alone an 'r'.

Something similar could work, maybe with a water splash or something. Get your pencil out
and scribble a few ideas.
Cheers, yeah even I thought it was a bit of a stretch. the hoop with a base is supposed to be an i, while the dolphin was supposed to represent an R but was more leaning towards a lower case 'r'. Yeah im looking into creating the r with a wave, but still not getting the coach vibe.