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Creative Vs Techie

Hi there people,

My name is Sukhy (or AndThen) and I only just got a new job as a web developer. I graduated in '07 from a Multimedia Computing course and after being made redundant after 7 months into my grad job I found it super hard to get anything else related to web/graphic design.

Now I consider myself a total creative, I love creating digital art, illustrations etc and I code well in htmlx/css, good at photoshop/illustrator, and I dread going into ASP.NET or any other back-end language, which I am having to do now with the aid of training because there are'nt a lot of front-end jobs willing to give me a chance with my 18-month experience.

Now I just wanted to know if any of you made a compromise earlier on to become familiar with back-end programming or whether you stuck to your guns and pursued a more creative avenue?

Thanks for reading this far down!


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Hi Sukhy,

The furthest I have gone with the techie route is learning how to code my designs to HTML/CSS and some very basic PHP, beyond that I outsource web development. Like Levi says, the saying rings true, it's impossible to become the best designer you can be as well as the best web developer, and best programmer, they each require their own skill set, their own time and dedication, not to mention the changing trends, knowledge, understaing of software/techniques (more relevant to tech side of things).

I would be very wary of falling into the trap of trying to be able to do it all, focus on the parts you love doing and become the very vest you can at those, the opportunities and breaks will follow if you stay dedicated and work hard I'm sure.

On the career side of things, is there any opportunity for you to pursue freelance work?
Thanks Levi, Grag,

I get what you're saying, and I totally feel the same way, I think I've only seen a couple of people sort do do both techie and design roles, and even then it looked like way too much.

And you're right Greg, I guess you do need to dedicate yourself fully to a particular skill set, and hopefully, well I'm sure doing so will be fruitfull, but unfortunately for my particular situation at this time freelance would be too risky as I basically just need a regular, solid job. My mates and fellow graduates all feel the same, we were all on a mixed up Multimedia Computing course but really want to do more creative stuff now! So I think I will steer clear of the jack of all trades trap and while using this job as a means to an end pursue a creative role, hopefully even freelance!

Thanks again for the advice guys, I think I'm in better possition to make descision about this now!