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creative products designer


Junior Member
do you need a creative products designer with high skills and talent ? do you need a new amazing products for your costumers ?

NOW :-

, Inventor and products designer,have six patent in different fields,and long experience ..have high skill,creative Ideas and solutions In :products design,products devise or Products development
can devise amazing products or development it In many field like : (manual tools,housewares,sports equipments,Toys, accessories,advertising tools ....And others
contact now and open new doors with your costumers

--- candyas313@hotmail.com



Staff member
Welcome to forum

I would love to see a portfolio on this one :)

EDIT: I'm actually calling spam on this after a quick google etc, I'm pretty sure the op is from egypt or it could be detroit depending on which google search result you take notice of
Oh! You are exactly what I needed!!1!
Would you be willing to fill out an employment form?
There's a $50 processing fee, but if you get the job you'll make that back within 10 minutes.