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Creative from Indiana, USA


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Hi everyone, my name is Ryan O. Hicks. I'm an ESTP creative and photographer currently enrolled at Purdue University and near graduation with a B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology. Minoring in Organizational Leadership and Supervision as well, if anyone wanted to know ha. Running close to turning 23 in 6 days ;)

Anyways, I'm just speaking up and saying hey.
I've included some work below (mostly freelance and personal work), and a few ways to follow or contact me if you so desire to. I'll try to frequent here, but no promises; I always enjoy learning new things and looking for inspiration anywhere I can! Hopefully I can meet some wonderful people here.

Ryan O. Hicks - Design Portfolio
Twitter / rohixx
Flickr: rohicks' Photostream
skill22586 on deviantART

Digital work.


I think that's enough for now heh.


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Hi Ryan,

Welcome to Design Forums, thanks for posting an intro and the portfolio examples, you have some nice work there. I hope you find the forums useful & I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspiration around! :)