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Creative Commons license - TSHIRT printing

Right quick question, I've sourced some vectors with cc licence free for commercial use etc. my question is can I use some of these vectors in a TSHIRT print for my mates gym, to sell to the members? If anyone can help it would be great I've tried looking on the cc website and can't find anything. Cheers mick


Active Member
"Free for commercial use" should make it safe to use on shirts. You aren't selling the graphic itself on another websites for someone else to use.

Sean Lee-Amies

When you receive a commercial use license you can use it for pretty much what ever the hell you want. They're not going to be checking and they don't really care what you get up to with it, within reason of course, so yeah, go nuts!
Hi, I'm still new here but In my experience in studying CC stuff online, I notice that there are only a few people who are actually tracking down their image usage. And they are only doing it on websites, which can be tracked down. Since you’ll not be using it online or distributing it to other web entities, then you should be good. ;)