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Creating templates

Hello all..

Hopefully someone out there can help me! I'm currently trying to make some templates for motocross bikes. I have been told the best way is to cover the object in masking tape, trace it then peel it off... I've tried this but failed a couple of times. Has anyone had any experience in doing anything like this in the past? If so do you have any tips?



Staff member
I assume you're on about the engine covers, fairings etc

Try getting a big sheet of paper (newspapers) and then folding it over the edges. Then stick on the underside if possible and use a scaple to cut out inside the 'edge' (theres normally a slightly raised edge)

Not I've never done this it's just similar to how you'd paint decals on a car :)
airbrushing is not easy, even with templates some have it and some don't, i sadly don't have the nak. i also bent my needle lol, my mates mum is fantastic at it but she wont do it for others/money.